24 weekend projects for pets : dog houses, cat trees, rabbit by David Griffin

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By David Griffin

"Complete plans and directions for development greater than 20 habitats and furniture for universal loved ones pets"--Provided through publisher.

Cat tree --
Green doghouse --
Small animal cage --
Rabbit hutch --
Kennel pergola --
Cat climber --
Utility doghouse --
Indoor aviary --
Bird perch --
Ranch doghouse --
Dog ramp --
Litter field hide --
Cat sill perch --
Pet door --
Cedar scratching publish --
Cat steps --
Oak puppy mattress --
Snake cage --
Aquarium stand --
Cat television --
Birdhouse --
Bird feeder --
Bird feeder stand.

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Align the left and right studs with the ends of the panel. Align the middle studs between lines 33" and 341/2" from the high side of the panels. Note that the back studs are shorter than the front studs to accommodate the 2 × 4 top plate. Cut the front and back top plates to fit and attach. You may trace the angle lines directly on the plates by positioning them in the walls. ATTACH THE WALLS Attach the wall sections to the deck with 21/2" screws driven every 8" through the sill plates. Attach the side walls to the front and back walls by driving 2" screws through the plywood into the framing.

Clamp the parts together to help make a cleaner joint. After the glue has set up, sand the joints to smooth out any irregularities. Assemble the cover frame with glue and finish nails (photo B). Check the corners for square with a framing square. The two end rails should be installed between the front and back rails. The intermediate rails should be centered between the end rails. Once the cover frame is assembled and the glue has dried, cut the cap ledges from 1 × 2 pine furring strips. Attach the ledges inside the top frame openings so the bottoms are flush with the bottoms of the frame rails.

For pressure-treated lumber, be sure to use stainless steel, hot-dipped galvanized, or coated screws. A Lay out the trapezoidal shapes for the side walls and cut the panels to size and shape with a circular saw and straightedge cutting guide. B BUILD THE FLOOR AND WALLS The floor is made of exterior grade 3/4" plywood set onto 2 × 4 pressure-treated joists. The joists are offset slightly so the partition wall can be located above a joist when it is installed. Cut the joists and rim joists to size length.

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