52® Cool Tricks for Kids by Lynn Gordon

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By Lynn Gordon

Grab that magic wand! This renowned deck of easy-to-perform magic tips and kid-friendly sleights of hand has been up-to-date with new actions and illustrations.

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Drop the SINK egg in the plain water, the FLOAT egg in the sugar water. Watch the eggs follow your friend’s command. Other eTitles from the 52® Series Look for these titles and others at your digital store: 52 Fun Things to Do in the Car 52 Fun Things to Do on the Plane 52 Cool Tricks for Kids 52 Rainy Day Activities 52 Amazing Science Experiments 52 Ways to Pamper Yourself 52 Tips for New Parents 52 Things to Try Once in Your Life 52 Great Cheap Dates 52 Relaxing Rituals 52 Ways to Stay in Love Forever Copyright 52 Cool Tricks for Kids � 1996, 2008 Lynn Gordon.

At the party, find someone in a swimsuit and ask for help opening your bottle. When they take off the cap, ice-cold water will pour out of the holes! A Hatful of Water Materials: Hat; 2 Paper cups; Scissors; Water Cut out the bottom of a paper cup and slip it into an uncut matching cup. Pick up the (double) cup and put it in a magic hat taller than the cups. Then take out the inner cup, not letting the audience see its missing bottom. Pour water into the cup in the hat. Your friends will think you poured water right into the hat!

Academy Awards Materials: Small sheets of paper; Pens; Hat or paper bag There really ought to be an Academy Award for best animated film character! Your friends vote and you guess the winner. Ask a group of friends to tell you who should win the Academy Award for best animated character. As your friends call out their “nominees,” write the first person’s choice on every slip of paper and drop it into the hat. When everyone has had a turn, tell them that you can guess the winner. Pretend to think hard and then call out the name of whoever was chosen first.

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