99% Inspiration: Tips, Tales and Techniques for Liberating by Bryan W. Mattimore

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By Bryan W. Mattimore

Creativity is among the Most worthy and strong assets in company at the present time. ninety nine% thought offers a palette of options and tales to aid company humans faucet hidden artistic strengths. This unique publication allows readers to creatively resolve a variety of office concerns through the use of the inventive concepts of such geniuses as Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, and Leonardo DaVinci.

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He suspected that it was a series of stationary impressions joined together that gave the eye the impression of a cart in motion. In 1824, he offered the Royal Society his paper on 'Persistence of Vision with Regard to Mov- 35 . . ing Objects. " 2 Of course, in most cases, it wasn't the Idea Hook per se that led to the inventor's breakthrough. The Idea Hook was the stimulus for the breakthrough because it embodied a principle that when applied to the inventor's problem provided a solution. Obviously, though, for the Idea Hook to work, the inventor first needed to have an in-depth knowledge of the problem he was trying to solve and, as important, be sensitive to and have a talent for seeing the inherent principles in the things around him.

He would someday invent a pair of "electronic goggles" to see into the future. 8. Vulcanized rubber inventor Charles Goodyear: a. Considered making rubberized water beds for the ill. b. Proposed that newspapers be printed on rubber. 32 . . c. Foresaw rubber parasols, rubber carpets, rubber blackboards, and even rubber bank notes. d. All of the above. 9. Milkman Gail Borden: a. Had his tomb built in the shape of a condenses-milk can. b. Tried to sell condenses cow's blood as an ingredient in a salad dressing.

Laurence Cruz, "Listen to Your Dreams," Creative Living, Winter 1993, Vol. 31. Published by Northwestern Mutual Life, Milwaukee, Wis. 2. George Land and Beth Jarman, Breakpoint and Beyond (New York:Harper Business, 1992), p. 157. 28 . . Section Two Exercising Your Creativity 29 . . 7 - Those Crazy Inventors: A Creative Warm-Up Exercise Imagine yourself in a room full of strangers, where it's your job as the facilitator to help them brainstorm new ideas. These people don't necessarily want to be there.

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