A House Rabbit Primer: Understanding and Caring for Your by Lucile C Moore

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By Lucile C Moore

All features of rabbit take care of either new and skilled puppy rabbit proprietors are mentioned during this guide. special info on find out how to condo, feed, and educate rabbits is equipped, with a complete scientific part on making a first reduction equipment, diagnosing various rabbit ailments, and giving emergency care. Rabbits make up one of many fastest-growing segments of the puppy inhabitants, and with extra puppy proprietors identifying to maintain their rabbits interior complete time, this advisor lays out sensible info for making rabbits a fit a part of any kin.

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Cages, Feed, and Supplies Rabbit Cages Buying the cage ahead of time does mean you will have to have some idea of how big a rabbit you will be getting. The cage needs to be large enough for a litter pan and dishes and still have enough room for the rabbit to stretch out full length. Generally, an 18″× 30″ cage is adeA high-sided small mammal cage can work for a smaller rabbit that quate for rabbits under gets lots of time out for exercise. four pounds, 2′× 3′ for 43 a house rabbit primer rabbits four to eight pounds, 2′× 4′ for rabbits eight to 12 pounds, and 3′× 5′ for rabbits 12 pounds or more.

Full-bodied with medium-length, upright ears. 30 choosing a rabbit English Spot: six to eight pounds. Racy body, long erect ears. Butterfly mark on nose, cheek spots, line down the back, and side spots are colored, body is white. Some people claim it has a rather nervous temperament. English Spot. French Angora: 7 1 ⁄ 2 to 10 1 ⁄ 2 pounds. Medium-long rounded body, ears long and erect. Face, ears, and front feet have short fur; rest of body has very long wool. Many different colors have been bred.

Ping the rabbit’s hindquarters in your other hand. Cradle the rabbit against your chest or tuck the rabbit’s head under your arm, supporting his rump with your other hand at all times. You can also turn him so that his feet are against your chest, using one hand to hold his shoulders and the other to support his rump. To release the rabbit, kneel down and set him on the floor or allow him to hop onto the floor from your lap. To pick up medium-sized rabbits, you can kneel alongside the rabbit, slip your arm over his body, and 57 a house rabbit primer cup his chest with your hand.

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