A Kiss in Time by Alex Flinn

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By Alex Flinn

Talia fell less than a spell . . . . Jack broke the curse. i used to be instructed to watch out the accursed spindle, however it used to be so enthralling, so hypnotic. . . . i used to be trying to find a bit event the day I ditched my journey workforce. yet discovering a comatose city, with a hot-looking chick asleep in it, used to be so no longer what I had in brain. I woke up within the comparable position yet in one other time—to a stranger's delicate kiss. i could not aid kissing her. occasionally you simply need to kiss an individual. i did not comprehend this is able to ensue. Now i'm in dire hassle simply because my father, the king, says i've got introduced destroy upon our kingdom. i've got no selection yet to run away with this commoner! Now i am caught with a bratty princess and a trunk jam-packed with her jewels. . . . the good news: My mom and dad will freak! imagine you will have relationship matters? attempt locking lips with a sleeping stunner who seems to be 316 years previous. Can a kiss go beyond all—even time?

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But I had not been a normal child. I spy a staircase in the shadows. This is not one of the stairways I am accustomed to using to reach the fourth floor, and when I check Lady Brooke’s map, I see that it was not included. How odd. I am seized with a sudden urge to run up its steps, even slide down the banister. But that is silly, and if I do that, I will be delayed. And then Lady Brooke will come looking for me. I turn back down the hall. Suddenly, I hear a voice. It was a lover and his lass, With a hey, and a ho, And a hey nonny no .

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