A Taste for Wine by Vincent Gasnier

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By Vincent Gasnier

Gasnier, one of many emerging stars on the planet of wine, has came upon a enjoyable, clean, and intuitive solution to tips on how to realize the flavors wine fanatics like best--and the right way to decide precisely the correct bottle of wine whenever! comprises 22 guided tastings, tips about deciding to buy and storing, and extra.

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Pruning of new shoots takes place in early spring; buds are thinned in late spring; and, most heartbreakingly, whole bunches of grapes are removed during the summer so that the vine can concentrate more energy into the ones that are left. It’s a very tricky process; what if there are strong winds just after you have taken off the excess buds, and more buds are lost? Or there could be a hailstorm that affects half of your vineyard, just days after you have removed whole bunches of grapes from the vines.

After fermentation, the wine is racked (drawn off) into clean vats or barrels to separate it from the “lees”—the sediment of dead yeast cells and, in red wines, skins and seeds. When making red wines and some fuller styles of white, the winemaker then allows another type of fermentation to take place. In this second or “malolactic” fermentation, appley malic acid in the wine is converted to the softer lactic acid (as found in milk), which gives a rounder, fuller feel to the wine. In white wines especially, it imparts a buttery quality.

Sorting grapes Nimble-fingered winery workers sort though the grapes as they arrive, using tiny shears to trim diseased or undeveloped grapes from the bunches. wine styles harvest time The grapes continue to ripen and change color and are usually ready to be picked in mid- to late September (mid- to late February in the Southern Hemisphere), although the timing varies from year to year depending on the weather. Hordes of temporary workers, all needing food and accommodation, begin to arrive at the winery, ready to pick the grapes.

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