A Visual Analogy Guide to Human Anatomy & Physiology by Paul A. Krieger

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By Paul A. Krieger

A visible Analogy advisor to Human Anatomy and body structure via Paul A. Krieger makes use of visible analogies and different exact research instruments to aid the coed in studying info of human anatomy and body structure. This two-color ebook can be utilized along with any textbook. scholars can label diagrams, create their very own drawings or colour current black and white illustrations to raised comprehend the offered fabric.

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In other words, a solute particle is moved from an area of low solute concentration to an area of high solute concentration. Like paddling against the current in a river, this requires energy. The protein used in this process is generally referred to as a pump, which appropriately implies the need for energy. Free energy from ATP hydrolysis is the fuel that keeps the pump working. This protein pump always contains a binding site for the substance to be transported. For example, the iodine pump actively transports iodine out of the blood and into the cells in our thyroid gland.

While your body has regulatory mechanisms to keep the concentration of the intracellular and extracellular solutions relatively stable, the extracellular solution is more likely to change in its solute concentration because of external influences. Sometimes it is slightly more dilute and other times it is more concentrated. Three different terms describe all the possibilities. 1. The body’s extracellular solutions normally are isotonic (iso ‫ ס‬equal) solutions, which have the same concentration of impermeable solutes as the other solution.

Vertebral Spinal column 14. Brachial Arm 35. Lumbar Lower back 15. Antecubital Front of arm 36. Olecranon Elbow 16. Abdominal Abdomen 37. Gluteal Buttock 17. Antebrachial Forearm 38. Manus Hand 18. Carpal Wrist 39. Perineal 19. Palmar Palm Region between the anus and the genitals 20. Digital Finger 40. Popliteal Back of knee Pelvis 41. Calcaneal Heel 21. Pelvic 18 LANGUAGE OF ANATOMY Regional Terms I hope these numbers wash off! Anterior Posterior 1 1 30 2 3 5 6 4 3 31 5 32 8 7 8 9 Color each different regional area a different color.

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