Aliss at the fire by Fosse, Jon; Searls, Damion

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By Fosse, Jon; Searls, Damion

In her previous apartment through the fjord, Signe lies on a bench and sees a imaginative and prescient of herself as she used to be greater than two decades previous: status via the window looking forward to her husband Asle, on that bad past due November day whilst he took his rowboat out onto the water and not again. Her stories widen out to incorporate their entire existence jointly, and past: the bonds of relatives and the battles with implacable nature stretching again over 5 generations, to Asle's great-great-grandmother Aliss. In Jon Fosse's brilliant, hallucinatory prose, some of these moments in time inhabit an analogous area, and the ghosts of the earlier collide with those that nonetheless continue to exist. "Aliss on the fireplace" is a visionary masterpiece, a haunting exploration of affection and loss that ranks one of the maximum meditations on marriage and human destiny

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Who’s that standing there? who’s that? and who are the people walking there? is it she herself standing down there? and does she look scared? desperate? as though she is dissolved and in the process of disappearing altogether? does she really look like that? she thinks, who is that? she thinks, but no, she is standing right here, in front of the window, she is standing here and looking out, so why did she get it into her head that she was standing down there on the big road, as though dissolved?

That’s Aliss. That’s his great-great-grandmother, probably around twenty years old, he thinks, and the boy she’s pressing to her breast, about two years old probably, that’s his great-grandfather, Kristoffer. And he goes around the corner too, and he looks at Aliss with Kristoffer pressed against her breast go home through the front door of the old house, and he sees the door shut and she sees, lying there on the bench, the hall door open and then she sees a small woman with long black hair come in, she has big eyes, she is carrying a boy pressed against her breast and the woman rushes across the room and then she puts the boy down next to her on the edge of the bench and then the woman pulls the boy’s pants off, his sweater, she strips the boy totally naked and then she lays him down on the bench next to her, and the woman rubs his back again and again There there, good boy, don’t be cold anymore, the woman says Good boy Kristoffer, now you’ll get all warm, the woman says Don’t freeze now, she says Mama Aliss is here to rub you till you’re all warm, you’re a good boy, she says and Aliss rubs Kristoffer all over his back again and again and she sees Aliss stand up and she looks at Kristoffer lying there next to her on the bench, and he is wet, he’s sobbing a little, and there are shivers going through his body, and she sees Aliss go open the bedroom door and go in and then come back in and she is carrying a wool blanket and then Aliss comes over to the bench and she spreads the blanket out all over Kristoffer and then Aliss sits down on the edge of the bench and she starts to rub Kristoffer’s back again, over and over, rubbing and rubbing his back So, my darling Kristoffer, now you’re getting warm again, good little Kristoffer, Aliss says There there, good boy, good boy Kristoffer, she says Just think, you fell in the water, such a little boy and you fell in the water, but luckily Mama Aliss was there, yes, she says and she sees Aliss rub Kristoffer’s back again and again and she looks at the window and she sees herself standing there looking out the window, and she’s always standing there, why does she always have to stand there?

What’s the appeal of the fjord then? no she just doesn’t understand it, she thinks, to put it bluntly, she thinks, she doesn’t get it at all, it is a total mystery to her, and if it was only every now and then that he went out onto the fjord, to fish maybe, to set out nets or something, but no, every single day he rows out onto the fjord, sometimes twice a day, in the dark, in the rain, in rough water, every month of the year, does he not want to be with her? is that why he always wants to go out onto the fjord?

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