All-American Girl by Meg Cabot

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By Meg Cabot

Top Ten purposes Samantha Madison is in Deep Trouble

10. Her mammoth sister is the most well-liked woman in school

9. Her little sister is a qualified genius

8. She's in love along with her immense sister's boyfriend

7. She obtained stuck promoting big name photographs in school

6. And now she's being compelled to take paintings periods

5. She's simply kept the president of the United Statesfrom an assassination attempt

4. So the full international thinks she is a hero

3. although Sam is familiar with she is way, faraway from being a hero

2. And now she's been appointed teenager ambassador to the UN

And the number-one cause Sam's lifestyles is over?

1. The president's son simply will be in love with her

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Hi, Sam,” Susan Boone said. Then she let go of my hand and turned toward Theresa. “You must be Mrs. Madison. ” Theresa had caught her breath. Now she stood up and shook her head, saying that she was Mrs. Madison’s housekeeper, Theresa, and that she would be back at five thirty to pick me up. Then Theresa left and Susan Boone took me by both shoulders and steered me toward one of the paint-spattered benches, which had no back, just a tall board along one end, against which leaned a large drawing pad.

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