Almost Fabulous by Michelle Radford

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By Michelle Radford

Fiona Blount lives through one rule: stay nameless and not anything undesirable can take place to you. yet nowadays, Fiona cannot keep away from the highlight. simply because loopy issues simply occur round her, and all of sudden everyone's having a look her way—including her London school's resident suggest lady and Fiona's supersecret weigh down. as though growing to be up is not already complicated, facing the truth that she now has the ability of brain keep an eye on is sufficient to push any fourteen-year-old woman over the sting! may possibly this newly found expertise have something to do with in all probability finding her long-lost father? and should she be capable to cease tripping her archenemy together with her brain? Fiona could be a bit clueless and much pressured, yet she's completely unique and far more than nearly outstanding!

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Excellent idea,” says Mum. ” “First meeting’s tomorrow. I’ll make sure Ms. ” As Mr. Fenton writes down the result of our conversation, I have two thoughts in my mind. If I really do have a brain tumor and my life really is over, (a) I might as well spend as much of it with Joe as possible (even though He Will Never Know Why). Which leads to the other thought, (b) What about possible boyfriends for Mum? And a little voice at the back of my mind says, What about William Brown? I am going to apply Occam’s razor to William Brown to see if he is that someone nice who will be good to her.

Are they lunatics? “My name is Peaceflower Moonbeam,” she tells us in a softly burring west-country accent, which makes her stick out even more. ” Ah, those kind of parents. Melissa Stevens and Gang are all, Oh my God, what is she wearing, what a freak, and giggling, and my head throbs even more at the thought of how Peaceflower Moonbeam is going to suffer them. “My respected grand elder—that’s my mother’s mother— can’t live on her own anymore so we moved in with her,” she continues, and Gina and I roll our eyes even more, as the sniggers and rude comments get louder.

But really, Peaceflower needs to stop being so visible. “Um, I’ll be sure to check it out,” I say, a bit halfheartedly, as I open my lunchbox and take out a tuna sandwich. All of a sudden I’m desperately ravenous, despite my head. “Because I noticed that you winced just now, which indi­ cates pain, and Pansy, that’s my mother by the way, is great with alternative pain management. ” And I thought Peaceflower was unobservant. ” Peaceflower is oblivious to the odd looks she’s getting from the surrounding tables as she loads her fork with the strange-looking salad in her lunchbox.

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