Amazing Gracie by Sherryl Woods

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By Sherryl Woods

Whilst Gracie MacDougal returns to Seagull aspect, Virginia, trying to reform her workaholic methods, she discovers greater than rest. The picturesque city calls to her, as does the waterfront Victorian residence she envisions because the ideal bed-and-breakfast. yet one individual stands among Gracie and her new goal…and he is not budging.Southern charmer Kevin Daniels is not attracted to promoting Gracie's dream apartment, yet he is certainly attracted to anything else…her. engaging the uptight businesswoman into letting down her hair turns into his new challenge in lifestyles, yet past that? He already has method too many of us reckoning on him, and has no goal of including one more.Gracie's no longer trying to find a house. Kevin's now not trying to find a spouse. yet occasionally even the easiest intentions can finally end up going splendidly awry.

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She barely had to slow down until she hit the intersection with Route 205 and made the turn toward Colonial Beach. C. or maybe Baltimore. Instead, though, she kept going, determined to follow the plan she’d set for herself. Making plans, seeing to details, was something at which she excelled. It was why, until recently, she’d been such a valued Worldwide employee. She was organized to a fault. By three in the afternoon she’d found a small hotel on the Potomac River. No one would ever confuse it with a Worldwide property, but it was clean and the mattress was firm, just the way she liked it.

At the moment, though, it seemed to him that his uninvited guest had probably hightailed it here on some mission or another and it wouldn’t do at all to show so much as a hint of retreat. Normally he was as keen as the next man to do business across a desk or over a fine lunch, but certain circumstances required a different tactic. Pure instinct told him this was one of those times. It was several minutes, during which he was aware of the car getting closer and the engine cutting off, before he sensed a presence and bothered opening his eyes again.

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