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These peaks show that the most suitable place to sense the fourth mode are in these maximum values according to the norm H ∞ . a b c Figure 3: The graph of the sensor placement H ∞ indices as a function of the sensor locations: a) for the first two-beam modes; b) for the first three-beam modes; c) for the first four-beam modes Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 611 27 From the Fig. 3a we see that the sensors placement H ∞ indices reach the maximum values at two nodes with coordinates (x1 , y1 ) = (500,0) and ( x2 , y2 ) = (500,400) .

Two members which are attached to each other so that their relative mobility is limited create a kinematic pair. Individual members of kinematic chains can be joined to translational or rotational kinematic pairs. In mechanism design we need a reliable calculation of relevant mechanical quantities which are important in design of individual components. The paper deals with the theory of simple open kinematic chains which are used for kinematic and dynamic analysis of various manipulators and robots [2, 3].

Phase transformation of austenite at the decreasing temperature is described by the CCT Applied Mechanics and Materials Vol. 611 51 diagrams (continuous cooling transformation). The Fig. 4 depicts the CCT diagram for the hypoeutectoid steel. Leblond in his work [10] provided evolution equation describing anisothermal diffusion controlled metallurgical transformations Peq (T )  P dP , (10)  f T  dt  (T ) where P is phase proportion, Peq (T ) is the maximum fraction of phase constituent [11] that can be formed along the isothermal transformation at temperature T , Fig.

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