Aristotle's De Interpretatione: Contradiction and Dialectic by C. W. A. Whitaker

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By C. W. A. Whitaker

De Interpretatione is between Aristotle's such a lot influential and largely learn writings; C. W. A. Whitaker provides the 1st systematic examine of this paintings, and provides a thorough new view of its goals, its constitution, and its position in Arisotle's approach. He indicates that De Interpretatione isn't really a disjointed essay on unwell- attached topics, as characteristically suggestion, yet a hugely prepared and systematic treatise on good judgment, argument, and dialectic.

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5 Thus, the failure of the first element of 'pirate-boat' to signify separately while in the compound is attributed to the fact * Cited by Busse in Ammonius, In Aristotelis De Interpretations Commenfarua, A. Busse (ed), Commentaria in Aristatelem Graeca, Iv (Berlin, 1,897), xxxvj, 5 J. L, Ackrili, Aristotle's Categories and De Interpretalione (Oxford, 1963). 116. 4O Aristotle's De Interpretatione that 'pirate-', unlike 'pirate', is not a real word. Aekril! also offers another criterion. If one element of the compound cannot stand as an independent word, then neither can the other; 'pirate' ia 'pirateer' is not an independent word because 'er' is not.

First two examples of simple words are given, which are by themselves neither true nor false. Then we are told to expect evidence of this, but in fact a further example is presented of exactly the same thing. If we have two illustrations of the same point, it is odd for Aristotle to *J For a further discussion of this point, see Chap. 10 below. 44 The copulative sense of the verb 'to be' is, however, related to the being of the categories. See APr. 49*6-10 and Meta. , 101:7*22-30, Chapter i: Significant Utterances 33 call the second one evidence for the first.

Examples are 'man' and 'pale', which are neither true nor false,'if nothing is added'. A further example is given; even 'goat-stag* signifies something, but is not true or false, unless 'to be' or 'not to be' is added. 30 However, truth is not the same as signification. Names are simple, and do no more than signify things. In order to form an utterance which is true or false, it would be necessary to make a claim about the goat-stag, such as 'the goat-stag exists,' rather than just mention it.

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