Astrocytes and Epilepsy by Jacqueline A. Hubbard, Devin K. Binder

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By Jacqueline A. Hubbard, Devin K. Binder

Epilepsy is a devastating workforce of neurological problems characterised by means of periodic and unpredictable seizure job within the brain.  there's a serious desire for brand new medicines and techniques given than at the least one-third of all epilepsy sufferers should not made freed from seizures by means of present medicines and turn into "medically refractory".  a lot of epilepsy study has all for neuronal healing goals, yet present antiepileptic medications usually reason critical cognitive, developmental, and behavioral unwanted side effects. contemporary findings point out a severe contribution of astrocytes, star-shaped glial cells within the mind, to neuronal and community excitability and seizure activity.  additionally, many vital mobile and molecular adjustments take place in astrocytes in epileptic tissue in either people and animal types of epilepsy.  The target of Astrocytes and Epilepsy is to comprehensively overview interesting findings linking alterations in astrocytes to sensible alterations accountable for epilepsy for the 1st time in booklet format.  those insights into astrocyte contribution to seizure susceptibility point out that astrocytes could characterize a massive new healing goal within the regulate of epilepsy. 

Astrocytes and Epilepsy comprises historical past explanatory textual content on astrocyte morphology and body structure, epilepsy versions and syndromes, and proof from either human tissue stories and animal versions linking useful alterations in astrocytes to epilepsy.  fantastically labelled diagrams are awarded and correct figures from the literature are reproduced to clarify key findings and ideas during this quickly rising field.  Astrocytes and Epilepsy is written for neuroscientists, epilepsy researchers, astrocyte investigators in addition to neurologists and different experts taking good care of sufferers with epilepsy.

  • Presents the 1st complete e-book to synthesize old and up to date learn on astrocytes and epilepsy into one coherent volume
  • Provides a good source at the box of astrocyte biology and astrocyte-neuron interactions
  • Details capability healing ambitions, together with chapters on hole junctions, water and potassium channels, glutamate and adenosine metabolism, and inflammation

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