Awaken by Anya Richards

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By Anya Richards

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She couldn舗t go to Gottreb舗s like this, trembling and panting, especially with what Elawen had said about showing him her breasts. Even that thought, distasteful as it truly was, made her quim quiver all the more. She didn舗t realise she was leaving the path until the trees became so thick she was pushing her way through the low-hanging branches. Even then there was no fear, only an underlying knowledge that somewhere ahead lay the answer to her questions. The woods parted like a curtain drawn back from a window, and she was in a grassy hollow paved with wildflowers and ringed with old trees which seemed to stand guard against intrusion.

Entering her mind with increasing ease, he guided her to heights of ecstasy, filling her imagination with hitherto unimaginable passion. Yet each successive encounter left Myrina a little less fulfilled, a little more dissatisfied. And her need to know more and more about him grew. Wearily making her way home in the cold of the pre-dawn damp, sore and exhausted, she would once more swear not to return, even then knowing she was playing herself false. The weather turned autumn blustery, grey and damp, suiting Myrina舗s mood implicitly.

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