Bazooka vs Panzer. Battle of the Bulge 1944 by Steven Zaloga

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By Steven Zaloga

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The only type to see widespread production was the M10 Smoke rocket. Featuring a WP (white phosphorus) fill, which gave it a secondary incendiary effect, the M10 Smoke rocket took the place of two separate rockets: the T31 thermite incendiary rocket and the T27E1 HC (hexachloroethane) smoke rocket. Besides the combat rockets, M7 training rockets with an inert warhead section were also manufactured. The explosion of the shaped-charge warhead had significant secondary effects including incandescent spall both inside and outside the tank.

Detonation of the bazooka warhead against a skirt provided more time for the fuze to trigger the warhead, allowing the jet to form more coherently, thus enhancing its penetrative effects. This did not become evident until after the war, when advances in flash radiography better documented this phenomenon. A periscopic sight was fitted to the center of the mounting for observation and targeting, with the lens visible slightly below the machine-gun barrel. PANZER SELF-DEFENSE MUNITIONS At top left is the S-Minenabwurfvorrichtung mine discharger with S-Mine loaded (1).

Due to a combination of secrecy and a lack of time, most US Army units did not receive their Whips until aboard assault transports while at Hampton Roads, Virginia in October 1942. There had been no training or explanation about the weapons. The War Department training circular on the bazooka was not published until December 15, 1942, and it was not widely distributed until after the Tunisian campaign. Some units, such as the 3rd Infantry Division, practiced with the weapons while at sea. At least one French Renault FT light tank was engaged and destroyed by a bazooka used by the 3rd Infantry Division during the fighting around Fedala.

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