Beastly by Alex Flinn

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By Alex Flinn

I'm a beast. A beast. no longer rather wolf or undergo, gorilla or puppy yet a terrible new creature who walks upright—a creature with fangs and claws and hair springing from each pore. i'm a monster. you think that i am speaking fairy stories? No approach. where is big apple urban. The time is now. it truly is no deformity, no ailment. And i'm going to remain this fashion forever—ruined—unless i will be able to holiday the spell. sure, the spell, the single the witch in my English classification solid on me. Why did she flip me right into a beast who hides by means of day and prowls via evening? i will let you know. i'm going to inform you how i was Kyle Kingsbury, the man you wanted you have been, with funds, excellent seems, and the ideal lifestyles. after which, i will inform you how I grew to become completely . . . beastly.

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Froggie: It ws hrd 4 me bc my famy nvr saw me as a frg. I couldnt talk 2 thm. Thy think i disapprd but i didnt. my sis saw me the 1st day and said eek, a warty frog! She thru me outsid in the muk. Thru me!! it hrts 2 not be able 2 tell them wat hapend. SILENTMAID: That’s terrible, Frog. I’m so sorry. {{{{{Froggie}}}}} BeastNYC: UR better off not talking 2 thm, Froggie. Grizzlyguy: U don’t know what its like, Beast. You can speak. SILENTMAID: You be nice, Beast. Be a little human. BeastNYC: I CAN’T BE HUMAN!

I’d avoided him all weekend, Magda too, camping out in my room, living on snacks I’d stored. Now I looked around the room. Almost every object that could be broken was. I’d started with the mirror, for obvious reasons. Then I’d moved on to the alarm clock, my hockey trophies, and every piece of clothing in my closet—nothing fit me anyway. I picked up a shard of glass and stared into it. Horrible.

The rose. The rose corsage I’d 48 given to that nerdy girl at the dance. I’d only given it to her because I didn’t know what else to do with it. Did that count? Was that the only nice thing I’d ever done for anyone? If so, it was pretty lame. She read my mind. “No, not much of a kindness. And I haven’t given you much of a second chance, only a little one. ” I reached down to my pocket. There were the two petals I’d shoved in when they’d fallen off the rose. She couldn’t have known about them, which maybe proved it was all in my mind.

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