Betrayals: A Strange Angels Novel by Lili St. Crow

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By Lili St. Crow

She’s no angel . . . bad Dru Anderson. Her mom and dad are long past, her ally is a werewolf, and she’s simply realized that the blood flowing via her veins isn’t totally human. (So what else is new?) Now Dru is caught at a mystery New England tuition for different youth like her, and there’s a massive challenge— she’s the single woman within the position. a faculty packed with adorable boys wouldn’t be so undesirable, yet Dru’s killer intuition says that certainly one of them desires her useless. And with all eyes on her, researching a traitor in the Order might suggest much more than social suicide. . . Can Dru live to tell the tale lengthy sufficient to determine who has betrayed her trust—and perhaps even her middle?

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A line of thorns pressed into my sweater’s back. My sneakers were soaked and my feet were so cold they had vanished into numbness. Crashing. Snapping branches. Moonlight trickled in, spots of false color whirling in front of my light-starved eyes. The greasy white vapor pulled close, questing through tree branches and reaching down to puddle against frozen leaves with that tiny, horrible sound. Soft, stealthy movement under the crashing. I couldn’t tell where it was coming from, and locked my teeth over a helpless noise.

There’re lots of beds, but not every wulf sleeps in one. ” He took another massive bite. The meat splorched a little, and I felt distinctly queasy. Deal with it, Dru. But I remembered a werwulf’s teeth tearing through flesh and grinding down on Graves’ shoulder, and the thought made me feel green all over. Not a nice springtime green, either. ” A yell from a passing djamphir, one of Irving’s friends, a slim dark-haired kid in a red shirt and jeans, slouching past with that eerie gracefulness. ” He sneered a little as he passed, elegantly.

My scalp crawled. My heart had finished its pounding and finally settled down. “I guess. ” His head dipped in another nod. His hair, getting damp from the steam, fell in his eyes. He tossed it out with a shaking, sudden motion. I let out a sigh. I couldn’t keep it in any longer. It came out in a whisper. “I saw Christophe. ” It was more like three or four days ago, but I didn’t want to tell him that. Graves stiffened. A full thirty seconds ticked by, him staring at the mirrored wall through veils of steam.

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