Beyond Counterfeit Leadership: How You Can Become a More by Warren Bennis

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By Warren Bennis

Within the background of the fashionable corporation, would-be leaders have usually been seduced by means of the quick-fix, counterfeit part of administration for you to store face or make temporary profits. much more frequently, world-weary "plantation" managers are usually noticeable sipping lemonade at the verandah in their palatial places of work whereas the staff within the box continue to exist slave wages. during this insightful social and company remark, Shelton applies the crafty heritage of vintage literature to distinction excellent management with modern hucksters who're seduced by means of their very own public family members campaigns and who struggle through fraud and deception to govern their fans. He invitations readers to determine past the shams and turn into genuine leaders themselves.

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When labor receives any such "perks," they are expected to pay homage to management. Plantation managers keep these things from labor out of fear of losing control. These managers fear that some among labor, if endowed with any of these advantages, might prove contrary, start a revolution, oppose the party line, or, heaven forbid, become accepted, upwardly mobile, and move into mainstream society. Page 21 Fear drives all counterfeit systems, and counterfeit leaders fear independent talent most because they can't control or predict it.

Missing in all this, however, is the idea of the "inner adult" in childrenof being wise beyond our years, not only from reading the Page 5 classic "wisdom literature" but also from following the wisdom of the heart and the whispers of the conscience. What's Real and Right? Since media depictions of "real life," both at work and at home, revel in the sordid, and since the "new morality" has all the relativity of the market, many are left wondering what's real, what's right, and where's the truth.

But a repeated pattern of "rational lies" makes a sad life story for any person, family, or corporation. Page 17 Chapter 1 Plantation Management: The Not-So-Civil War "When those cotton balls get rotten, you can't pick very much cotton . . " Song Lyric Counterfeit leadershipof self and of organizationsmakes slaves of us all. In a sense, whenever we lose our freedoms or become addicted, controlled, or abused, we move back to the "plantation," a time of servitude or place of entrapment. Of course, counterfeit leaders would want it no other way.

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