Bipedal Robots: Modeling, Design and Walking Synthesis by Christine Chevallereau, Guy Bessonnet, Gabriel Abba, Yannick

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By Christine Chevallereau, Guy Bessonnet, Gabriel Abba, Yannick Aoustin

Content material:
Chapter 1 Bipedal Robots and jogging (pages 1–45):
Chapter 2 Kinematic and Dynamic types for strolling (pages 47–126):
Chapter three layout instruments for Making Bipedal Robots (pages 127–217):
Chapter four jogging development turbines (pages 219–265):
Chapter five keep watch over (pages 267–326):

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To offer assistance during fires, researchers first designed wheeled and trackedtype robots, or snake-like robots with a water-hose nozzle. An important project to build a robot to help firemen is currently under way in Tokyo [MIY 02]. Buildings or sites that are mainly dedicated to human activity need mobile machines which are capable of moving around rapidly [AMA 02]. Bipedal robots have the potential mobile capacity to be able to intervene in this type of environment. In the case of catastrophes, such as an earthquake, robots can also intervene to explore destroyed buildings or locate and save victims.

Fire or smoke) which sets off an automatic alarm. An interesting development of this aspect of inspection and surveillance is the technology of the Swedish company Rotundus, which also uses wheels but with the addition of an internal pendulum to create a forward movement. According to the EURON report [EUR 05], the market for this type of robot will rapidly increase in the next few years with future installations amounting to an estimated 400 million dollars. The role to be played by legged robots or bipedal robots in the surveillance sector, however, is yet to be determined.

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