Black Bonanza: Canada's Oil Sands and the Race to Secure by Alastair Sweeny

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By Alastair Sweeny

What if Canada 's so-called environmental nightmare was once fairly an engineering triumph and the major to a sturdy and sustainable future?For years, Canadians were listening to not anything yet undesirable information out of the Athabasca Oil Sands. From twentieth Century economists decrying it as a perpetual money-loser within the face of extra easily-extracted international oil to eco-friendly teams world wide mentioning it the world's worst commercial firm, occasionally it sort of feels as if no reliable may well ever come from this so-called soiled resource.But what if constructing Canada's Oil Sands was once the most important to bridging the distance among present petroleum-based economies and the choice energies that are not prepared for marketplace but? What if it intended casting off the specter of height Oil and delivering financial balance not only for Canada and the remainder of North the USA, yet for the area? And what if the environmental expenses of the source have been either no longer approximately as dire as a few might have you ever think, yet at the moment greater than many different strategies with the already making large advances in sustainability, strength use and water reclamation?That's precisely the case that Alastair Sweeny, writer of BlackBerry Planet, argues is on the middle of the Athabasca Sands: a vivid destiny. through digging into the previous, current and way forward for oil sands expertise, Sweeny cuts in the course of the hype and hysteria and makes a superb and fascinating case that the Sands should not the environmental boogeyman set to damage humanity, yet particularly our greatest wish for a really good and sustainable destiny.

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To say the least, it's very intellectually cheating. whereas some of the issues he says have a few grain of fact, he usually cherry selections to help his view that the realm will cave in if we do not do whatever drastic instantly. I particuarly loved how he attempted to suggest that his cigarette smoking father would not have died of emphysema if we did not have any smog.

He starts off out by way of overblowing the environmental harm that oil creation and intake expenditures - yet then has the hubris to say we are going to be out in many years besides. If we'll be out, it is going to look that the environmental challenge it factors will stop in a number of years.

This leads me to his terrible prediction of skyrocketing oil costs and grim photograph of the longer term (which in his brain is in 2025). His estimation of oil reserves is cherry picked to help his panic inducing tone.

The fact is that there's a lot petroleum on the planet that the one predicament of use might actually be the enironmental price. In my brain, he misplaced major credibility by way of claiming we'd have oil shortages by means of 2025.

He additionally is going right into a tirade approximately overseas oil, implying that every one of our oil comes from sheiks which are attempting to bomb us. in point of fact our unmarried biggest provider of oil is Canada. Mexico is #2 and Venezuela #3. in reality, if he had counting Canada's tar sands, Canada has extra oil than the other state in the world. If we have been to count number oil shale (which is simply within your budget to provide at 70-90 a barrel) the USA has the facility to be strength self sufficient with this resource on my own.

Overall, this ebook spouts out loads of numbers with out fairly studying the context of the values. He cherry selections to get price estimates that bolster his view aspect (and most likely extra his profession and admiration among the devoted) and very easily ignores every thing else.

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But only because he lacked clear statistics and did not factor in Canada’s Athabasca Sands. He also did not factor in 3 billion new players—the Chinese and the Indians—who were not in the market until the year 2000. ” Outside fortress North America, the oil business is still a “Mad Max” kind of world, with supply scrambling to meet demand, with bullies, dictators, and thugs holding sway over cowering citizens, and with national oil companies (NOCs) used as personal banks by the local ruling kleptocracy.

But the crisis pushed the companies in the Sands to innovate in order to get costs down, and when the happy days returned, their profits mushroomed. S. to the freetrade table, something Canada had been urging for a century. S. S. the petroleum price and supply security it needed, and the two countries agreed not to bring in any tax or duty that would favor one country over the other. Either party could bring in energy supply restrictions or price hikes as long as it kept the same price or percentage of supply for the other party.

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