Black Gold: The New Frontier in Oil for Investors by George Orwel

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By George Orwel

I loved Mr. Orwel's ebook "Black Gold." It used to be effortless to learn and it had numerous issues within the publication that i did not understand. Like President Clinton's Iraq Liberation Act of 1998, which said that, "It will likely be the coverage of the USA to help efforts to take away the regime headed via Saddam Hussein from energy in Iraq." This e-book is mild studying. do not anticipate finding loads of deep proposal. it really is the same as an extended newspaper article. i do not remorse i purchased the publication. Regards, Keith Renick, Saudi Aramco Oil Co. Retired

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Lives Per Gallon: The True Cost Of Our oil Addiction

I came upon this e-book whereas gaining knowledge of an Economics Masters thesis. As somebody that has been focusing progressively more on strength comparable concerns, I picked this publication up.

To say the least, it's very intellectually cheating. whereas the various issues he says have a few grain of fact, he oftentimes cherry choices to aid his view that the area will cave in if we do not do whatever drastic instantly. I particuarly cherished how he attempted to indicate that his cigarette smoking father don't have died of emphysema if we did not have any smog.

He starts off out via overblowing the environmental harm that oil creation and intake charges - yet then has the hubris to say we are going to be out in many years besides. If we will be out, it is going to look that the environmental challenge it motives will stop in a couple of years.

This leads me to his terrible prediction of skyrocketing oil costs and grim photograph of the long run (which in his brain is in 2025). His estimation of oil reserves is cherry picked to help his panic inducing tone.

The fact is that there's lots petroleum in the world that the single drawback of use may well in reality be the enironmental expense. In my brain, he misplaced major credibility via claiming we'd have oil shortages via 2025.

He additionally is going right into a tirade approximately overseas oil, implying that each one of our oil comes from sheiks which are attempting to bomb us. in fact our unmarried biggest provider of oil is Canada. Mexico is #2 and Venezuela #3. in truth, if he had counting Canada's tar sands, Canada has extra oil than the other kingdom on the earth. If we have been to count number oil shale (which is barely cost-effective to provide at 70-90 a barrel) the united states has the power to be power self sufficient with this resource by myself.

Overall, this ebook spouts out loads of numbers with out fairly interpreting the context of the values. He cherry alternatives to get fee estimates that bolster his view element (and most likely extra his occupation and admiration among the trustworthy) and with ease ignores every little thing else.

Power to the People: Energy and the Cuban Nuclear Program

Energy to the folk analyzes strength improvement in Cuba either ahead of and after the chilly struggle and discusses the dangers and possibilities linked to the improvement and enlargement of the Cuban power zone. many of the issues addressed are strength safety, strength standards, the influence of Russian suggestions, foreign strength cooperation, American competition to Cuban efforts and destiny investments.

Rigged: The True Story of an Ivy League Kid Who Changed the World of Oil, from Wall Street to Dubai (P.S.)

After conquering the hallowed halls of Harvard enterprise institution, an Italian-American child from the streets of Brooklyn makes a decision to tackle the testosterone-fueled Merc trade in reduce Manhattan—where billions of bucks in oil funds exchange arms per week and the place fistfights are identified to damage out at the buying and selling ground.

Education and Training for the Oil and Gas Industry: Building A Technically Competent Workforce

Quantity 2 of the Getenergy publications sequence explores the demanding situations of constructing a technically powerfuble team for the oil and fuel area globally. The situations during this quantity discover sensible examples of the efforts of oil and gasoline businesses, contractors, academic associations and governments to enhance powerfuble, vocationally-trained staff for the undefined.

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There are an estimated two trillion barrels of oil equivalent (boe) in proven reserves around the world today, including 885 billion boe of natural gas. For natural gas, by some estimates, the supply at present rates of consumption would be exhausted in about 60 years, while the current known supply of coal would last 180 years. Energy Economics I have talked to many economists on this oil issue, and despite their claims to the contrary, there’s a wide belief that energy is an elastic commodity, meaning consumption and production behaviors change in response to price changes.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) believes that oil will peak between “2013 and 2037,” and Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq, and Iran, four countries with much of the world’s known reserves, report little if any depletion of reserves. Meanwhile, the oil companies (which do not make public estimates of their own peak oil) say there is no shortage of oil and gas for the long term. These conflicting views show that nobody knows the answer. 12 The industry is asking the public to trust it, arguing that every year for more than 100 years it has produced more than it did the year before, and predictions of oil running out or peaking have always been proved wrong.

It’s not a useless organization, as some in the oil industry are trying to portray it, and its members are not just crying wolf. It’s very credible and its members include people who should know, including some from the Middle East, such as Ali Bakhtiari, head of strategic planning at Iran’s National Oil Company (NOIC). Campbell himself is a former executive vice president of Total, the French oil company, and Simmons was an adviser to the controversial Bush-Cheney energy plan. ASPO members don’t think much of the argument advanced by Lynch and Leonardo Maugeri, an executive for Italian energy company ENI, that high oil prices would spur development of additional oilfields because the cost of developing some of the known reserves could be too high to be economically feasible.

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