Border Collies by Lynn M. Stone

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By Lynn M. Stone

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The Koehler Method of Guard Dog Training; An Effective & Authoritative Guide for Selecting, Training & Maintaining Dogs in Home Protection, Plant Security, Police, & Military Work

This publication turns out to be useful to some extent, yet it really is equipment and use are very old-fashioned. Use it for a basic evaluate of ways to coach a puppy now not as a literal advisor. for the period of this books writing animal cruelty legislation weren't so enforced, now a days they would take your puppy, break it and positioned you lower than the prison.

Leader of the Pack

WILDLY self sufficient, SHE’S no longer ONE FOR PACK MENTALITY. at the outdoor, Sophie Garou resides each woman’s dream: she has good looks, brains, and a big-time place in Austin’s most valuable accounting enterprise (not to say a truly attractive, very winning new boyfriend). yet there’s one Sophie could quite maintain lower than wraps: she is a werewolf.

Run, Spot, Run: The Ethics of Keeping Pets

A lifestyles shared with pets brings many feelings. We suppose love for our partners, definitely, and happiness on the notion that we’re offering them with a secure, fit existence. yet there’s one other emotion, much less frequently stated, that may be approximately as strong: guilt. once we see our cats staring at wistfully out the window, or watch a goldfish swim lazy circles in a bowl, we can’t support yet ask yourself: are we doing the appropriate factor, retaining those autonomous beings locked up, topic to our keep an eye on?

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