Celebrate Your Dream: Fulfill Your Destiny One Wish at a by Joyce Chapman

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By Joyce Chapman

This booklet is designed to empower you to acknowledge your needs, hopes, and desires; and to reclaim the buzz of way of life. Joyce Chapman encourages you to step over the limits of normal pondering and create a brand new means of imminent life-one that may lead you on your final life's function. known as "a handbook for residing precise for your destiny," rejoice Your Dream is a robust and inspirational ebook that invitations you to say your heart's wants, and dwell within the ardour of complete self-expression each day. step by step you should use this e-book to create a global the place you're feeling empowered to dwell in party and discovery, paintings towards having your pals and kin help you, motivate you, and have a good time the goals you declare and decide to attaining and maybe changing into a job version, "a dream activator" for others to keep on with.

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H H H H H H OpeningHthe Door to a New Dream H H H H H H H H H H 45 Write a letter to me, or a dreamer friend, to share what you have to do to set the liberation of your biggest dream in motion. H 46 H H H H H H H Celebrate Your Dream H H HH H H H Write about why you are willing to make each of these changes. Make it Yours H H H H 47 To instill the reality of your biggest dream in your subconscious as well as your conscious mind, address the following even though they may appear repetitive. Writing your thoughts and feelings down creates a greater awareness and often makes them more real.

OLD ATTITUDES Friendships About earning money I have friends who really care what I feel. My friends want what’s best for me. There are ways to earn money doing what I love! By using this identification-and-replacement technique, you break through each of those barriers keeping you from using your full power to accomplish what you want. Congratulate yourself, and expect unexpected shifts in your everyday understanding of “the way things ought to be” to emerge—the result of casting light into your mind’s previously shadowed nooks and corners.

Before you can go on to develop your thoughts and plans to their fullest, you will probably need to get rid of a number of unsuspected old ideas, habits, and attitudes blocking your way. For instance, have you ever noticed how much each of us focuses on problems? No matter where you turn, friends, newscasters, and reporters are discussing difficulties with personal issues, health care, immigration, crime, disease, and national and international debt. Yet, despite our concern—and all the brainpower being devoted to solving these problems—world difficulties are still very evident.

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