Circle of Three #13: And It Harm None (Circle of Three) by Isobel Bird

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By Isobel Bird

"and it damage none, do as you will,"so says the traditional wiccan rede.Those who don't heed its phrases will learnthe energy of the legislation of Three.Annie, Kate, and Cooper discover what seems like against the law. after they glance extra heavily, it isn't. understanding the legislation of 3 -- that damage comes again to hang-out -- can they nonetheless aid a pal in want with no buying it themselves?

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Asked Annie, the nervousness in her stomach threatening to erupt at any second as she waited for her aunt’s answer. 30 Aunt Sarah sighed. “I don’t know,” she said. ” She looked at Annie for a long moment. ” she asked. Annie swallowed. “That’s kind of what the surprise is,” she said. A strange look came over her aunt’s face. ” she said. Annie was wringing her hands under the table. “I sort of found her,” she said. As soon as the words were out she felt all of the tension in her body leak out like air from a def lating raft.

Scott was gone, off at college somewhere and out of Kate’s life. She, Annie, and Cooper were best friends. Tara and Jessica, two of her former best friends, were back in her life after an awkward and painful falling out. And Sherrie, the remaining member of their once-solid quartet, was now on the outs with everyone. That last fact made Kate particularly happy. Sherrie Adams was trouble with a capital T, and the less Kate had to deal with her, the better. ” Tara asked. ” Kate looked up and saw her friends grinning at her.

Great,” Kate said, suddenly feeling excited about having a project. “I’ll talk to Cooper and Annie and see what they think. ” The bell signaling the end of the period rang and the girls gathered up their stuff and left. As she walked to her next class, Kate was happy. For the first time in a long while, things seemed to be going smoothly. She was getting along with her family and her friends. She was enjoying the Wicca study group. She had a fun project to look forward to. Everything was fine.

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