Circle of Three #14: The Challenge Box (Circle of Three) by Isobel Bird

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By Isobel Bird

Achieve inside of and select your challenge,Find the trail you should travel.What trials have you ever to overcome?What mysteries shall you unravel?Of her circle, Kate has consistently struggled the main in studying the methods of the Craft. As her Wiccan initiation techniques, a last problem threatens to beat her finally.

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Maybe Sophia and the others were just trying to fool her into thinking the challenge was harder than it really was. Maybe all she had to do was figure out what story 20 they were referring to. Perhaps her challenge was like the kind the people in fairy tales were always being presented with, like finding the key to a glass mountain, or locating a castle that lay east of the sun and west of the moon. That has to be it, she thought, feeling very clever for having figured out at least part of the challenge.

Within minutes she was all ready to disembark. Cooper, meanwhile, was still searching for the shoes she’d removed before falling asleep. But after a few minutes of rooting around under her seat she, too, had gathered her things and was waiting expectantly to land. As the plane descended, Annie kept stealing glances out the window, as if perhaps if she looked hard enough she could somehow see Juliet below them. She wondered if Juliet was looking up at some blinking red lights in the sky and hoping they belonged to Annie’s plane.

She was thousands of miles from home and from the store. She would have to deal with it when she got back. She would just go to Sophia and tell her that the challenge wasn’t right for her. Surely, Sophia would understand that. It would all work out fine in the end, Annie told herself. “Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing in New 48 Orleans in approximately twenty-five minutes. ” The announcement came over the plane’s speakers. Annie leaned over and patted Cooper’s arm. Her friend opened her eyes and looked around sleepily.

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