Coffeehouse Angel by Suzanne Selfors

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By Suzanne Selfors

When a random act of kindness consists of Katrina with Malcolm, a good-looking teenage father or mother angel motive on enjoyable her maximum want, popularity and fortune appear like the obvious requests. yet after botched needs, Malcolm is familiar with Katrina is hiding whatever from him. How can she inform him the reality, whilst her heart's wish has turn into Malcolm himself?

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As if he hadn't bothered to read the sign above the door: Anna's Old World Scandinavian Coffeehouse, Bringing the Old Country to Nordby for over forty years. He pointed a finger at me. " I'd gone to school with Heidi since the first grade. We'd played in the same piano recitals, had joined the same Girl Scouts troop, had read poetry in the same school pageants. But Mr. Darling never seemed to remember me. Which brings me to another thing a grandmother won't tell you-- You just aren't memorable, sweetheart.

A sign at each end of the street reads: VELKOMMEN, which is "welcome" in Norwegian. In its early years, Nordby was all about Norway--hence the grand Sons of Norway Hall that sits at the north end of Main Street. But over time things got mixed up. Someone built a Swiss cuckoo clock tower next to the bakery. Someone erected a Dutch windmill on top of the shoe shop. Someone else installed a bronze statue of a little boy in Bavarian lederhosen. I guess the city planners just wanted Nordby to look like a fairy-tale town.

Her belly often collected dustballs because it hung all the way to the floor. " She nipped my ankle. " I tore off the corner of a day-old Danish and dropped it. Ratcatcher inhaled the morsel. She was supposed to keep the rats in check. We had never seen a rat in the coffeehouse, but they scurried along the nearby docks. Ratcatcher once caught a field mouse, but she didn't eat it. She preferred pastries. I started to bag up the day-old pastries. Ralph, one of our regulars, usually took them down to the dock to feed to the seagulls.

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