Color Atlas of Physiology by Agamemnon Despopoulos

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By Agamemnon Despopoulos

Now in its 6th variation, colour Atlas of body structure covers the total topic of human body structure and brilliantly reports every thing scientific scholars want to know to go their pre-clinical body structure checks. Sections contain the nerves and muscle tissues, blood, breathing, the cardiovascular method, digestion, and replica. delivering a concise overview of every thematic unit, the preferred and confirmed structure of the book’s double-page spreads with colour illustrations and accompanying textual content enables quickly comprehension and keep in mind of key ideas. This new version comprises contemporary medical advancements, in particular concerning the profitable program of molecular biology and gene know-how techniques to body structure. It additionally takes under consideration the newest examine on mind function.Innovative gains during this edition:- thoroughly new fabric on thirst and law of salt and water stability, realization and sleep, and molecular mechanisms of long term potentiation- Incorporation of the most recent findings in parts equivalent to body-weight law, reminiscence, the sleep-wake cycle, iron metabolism, blood coagulation, and sound transduction- visible highlighting of clinically correct and pathophysiologic details, and medical key phrases on each pageIn its time-tested compact, and elementary layout, colour Atlas of body structure, 6th variation, as a useful and perfect examine advisor and reference for clinical scholars getting ready for his or her exam in physiology.Stefan Silbernagl, MD, Professor, division of body structure, collage of Wuerzburg,Wuerzburg, Germany.Agamemnon Despopoulos, MD, Professor, previously clinical consultant to Ciba-Geigy,Basel, Switzerland.

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