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By Nicci French

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Maybe they would all be boarded up and useless, the dead receiver dangling from its cable. I turned left and went under the railway bridge, striding quickly until at last I saw a red telephone box. Inside it smelled of piss. There was graffiti on the glass and a solitary sticker advertising the services of Mischa, who specialized in massages. I needed change, and fumbled uselessly in my purse for a coin, my fingers thick and clumsy. I dialled the number. Let her be in, let her be in. She was. ‘Bonnie?

My mind wasn’t working properly. Everything seemed to be shifting in and out of focus. His body, sprawled on the floor, seemed to fill my field of vision. Everywhere I looked, I saw it. ‘You’re right,’ I said. ‘I can’t do this. I don’t know why I ever thought I could. Oh, God. ’ And I clutched her arm as if to pull her from the room. But Sonia drew back. ‘Wait,’ she said. ‘We just leave,’ I said. ’ She turned to me, her expression calm and almost tender. I could feel her taking charge of the situation and myself letting her – and, after all, wasn’t that why I had turned to her?

I’ve been dying to ask you. Honestly, it would mean so much to me. ’ I said stupidly. ‘I’ve never forgotten the evening when you played at that uni fund-raiser. Gorgeous. It made me cry. ’ ‘Not of mine,’ I said, which was an understatement. ’ ‘Definitely not since that evening,’ said Liza, with a snort. She’d been the singer and even then, nearly a decade ago, her voice had been hoarse from smoking. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like now – something like a rook with twigs in its mouth. ’ ‘And don’t want to know,’ I added.

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