Considering the Horse: Tales of Problems Solved and Lessons by Mark Rashid

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By Mark Rashid

Mark Rashid’s exciting tales will introduce you to quiet strategies for resolving education difficulties from the horse’s element of view. issues comprise floor manners, determining up ft, headshyness, trailer loading, mounting difficulties, balking, and head tossing. in the event you are approximately to shop for a horse and certainly while you are approximately to promote your horse as a result of difficulties, or perhaps when you in simple terms want you owned a horse, this e-book provide you with an entire new point of view into the horse’s element of view.

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I leaned my pitchfork up against the wall and jogged behind him as he made his way to the old pickup. When the old man said he had to "look at a horse," it usually meant that he was in the market to buy, and watching him buy horses was always an experience. He seemed to be a master at knowing an animal's current and potential worth, often by doing no more than talking to the horse's owner over the phone. He also had a knack for convincing the animal's owner to sell it to him for the exact amount that he was willing to pay, without him having to haggle over the price.

Never," the woman replied, sadly watching her horse work herself into a lather. I couldn't help but believe her. " "No," she said, shaking her head. " I asked. "Ever since I brought her here, two months ago," she answered. " This was strange. I'd seen horses act like this before, but there was always an obvious reason for the behavior, usually mishandling or physical abuse. This one seemed to become panicked for no apparent reason. After about ten minutes of watching the mare, I began to look around for something, anything, that this horse might be seeing that could be frightening her.

87 The horse took off across the pen, sqealing, bucking, and jumping. 90 Surprised, he quickly began to backpedal as fast as he could. 93 He then began to move my leg back and forth, up and down. 104 I applied just enough pressure to the rope to cause it to be a major irritant. 107 The rope broke, sending the horse falling over backwards. 114 He then jumped to the right, pulling me right off the ground. 118 He quickly picked up the other foot and hopped into the trailer. 132 I jumped out of the trailer like I'd been shot out of a gun.

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