Corrupted Science: Fraud, Ideology and Politics in Science by Paul Barnett

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By Paul Barnett

In Discarded Science, John supply took a desirable examine everything technological know-how received fallacious throughout the centuries. yet no less than these have been sincere error. Grant’s both soaking up follow-up examines whatever extra sinister: planned hoaxes and frauds. he's taking us via a rogue’s gallery that includes faked creatures, palaeontological trickery, fake psychics, and miracle treatments that aren’t so astonishing. See how ideology, faith, and politics have imposed themselves on technology all through historical past, from the Catholic Church’s effect on cosmology to Nazi racist pseudoscience to the Bush Administration’s try and deny weather swap. the subjects, whereas pleasing as ever, are severe and timely.

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There were too many spot-on results in Mendel’s experiments for credibility. What exactly happened? Did Mendel, knowing he’d uncovered a truth about the way characteristics are inherited, fudge some of his results or even invent a few extra sets of experimental results to bolster his case? Was he unconsciously biased when recording his results, seeing what he expected to see? Another possibility is that he did not in fact perform every part of every experiment himself, but had one or more assistants at work in the monastery gardens: it would be far from the first time an assistant skewed experimental results in order to make the boss happy.

From now on I will be filling this board with equations. . And when I’m done, I want you to do the following: look at those numbers, all those little numbers and Greek letters on the board, and repeat to yourselves, “This is reality,” repeat it over and over . . José Carlos Somosa (trans Lisa Dillman), Zig Zag, 2007 INTRODUCTION THE FALSIFICATION OF SCIENCE Science is a set of rules that keep the scientists from lying to each other. Kenneth S. Norris, cited in False Prophets (1988) by Alexander Kohn IT SEEMS HARDWIRED into the human brain that people in general believe what they’re told by other people.

In the first instance he pretended the vaccines had been prepared by a method of his own devising when in fact he’d had to fall back on a rival method devised by a colleague, Charles Chamberland (1851–1908). The fabrication in the second instance involves the experimental work Pasteur did, or claimed he did, with dogs before his first, successful inoculation of a human against rabies. That the rabies sufferer, Joseph Meister, was cured was strictly thanks to luck, largely unsupported by any canine experiments of Pasteur’s.

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