Craniofacial Muscles by Linda K. McLoon, Francisco Andrade

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By Linda K. McLoon, Francisco Andrade

This ebook is the main complete connection with date on craniofacial muscle improvement, constitution, functionality, and illness. It info the cutting-edge uncomplicated technological know-how of the craniofacial muscle mass, and describes their distinct reaction to significant neuromuscular stipulations. most significantly, the textual content highlights how the craniofacial muscular tissues are various from so much skeletal muscle groups, and why they've been seen as a unique allotype. moreover, the textual content issues to significant gaps in our wisdom approximately those vitally important skeletal muscle groups and pointed out key gaps in our wisdom and parts primed for extra learn and discovery.

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K. McLoon et al. Unusual Characteristics of EOM Muscle Fibers Muscles are composed of thousands of individual myofibers, which are responsible for the shortening velocity and overall force produced during contractions. The EOM have arguably the fastest contractile properties of mammalian skeletal muscles (Close and Luff 1974), normally generate low force, and are very fatigue resistant (Asmussen and Gaunitz 1981; Fuchs and Binder 1983; Prsa et al. 2010). These properties are due to a number of constitutive differences between EOM myofibers and those in other skeletal muscles.

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