Critical Thinking, 9th Edition by Brooke Noel Moore

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By Brooke Noel Moore

Greater than the other textbook, Moore and Parker's severe pondering has outlined the constitution and content material of the severe considering path at faculties and universities around the country--and has performed so with a witty writing sort that scholars take pleasure in. present examples suitable to modern day scholars carry the recommendations of serious considering to lifestyles in brilliant aspect. This 9th version deals an abundance of recent workouts and examples, in addition to a renewed concentrate on the significance of constructing serious considering talents.

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That is, we don’t claim that either of you is wrong. That’s because, in matters of taste, we generally don’t challenge a person’s evaluation. How something tastes to another person is just how it tastes to that person, and that’s all right with the rest of us. If Parker claims that Paris Hilton is atractive, and Moore says that she’s not, we let both have their opinions. Somewhat different tastes and somewhat different experiences can lead us to different evaluations in these two cases, and we don’t have generally accepted methods for settling differences like these.

4. Walking is the best exercise. After all, it is less stressful on the joints than other aerobic exercises. indd 23 6/17/08 10:31:43 AM Confirming Pages 24 CHAPTER 1 CRITICAL THINKING BASICS 5. The ocean on the central coast is the most beautiful shade of sky blue. It’s greener as you go north. 6. Her favorite color is yellow because it is the color of the sun. 7. Pooh is my favorite cartoon character because he has lots of personality. 8. You must turn off the lights when you leave the room. They cost a lot of money to run, and you don’t need them on during the day.

For now, let’s keep things simple. A couple more terms are traditionally used in talking about arguments. A claim that is offered as a reason for believing another claim is a premise. The claim for which a premise is supposed to give a reason is the conclusion of the argument. Let’s lay out our example so everything is clear: The issue is whether Sam should be excused for missing class, or, if you like, should Sam be excused for missing class? Premise: Sam’s grandmother died, and he had to attend the funeral.

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