Crop physiology by BIOTOL (Project); Open Universiteit (Heerlen, Netherlands);

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By BIOTOL (Project); Open Universiteit (Heerlen, Netherlands); University of Greenwich

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0 t ha−1). Adapted from van Ittersum et al. (2013). 1. Farming Systems 4 Challenges to higher yields and efficiencies a ‘functional’ upper limit for on-farm soybean yields. 8 t ha−1 between 2001 and 2010, the yield gap of irrigated soybean in Nebraska is about 37% of the potential. 6 t/ha might be achieved but only under the best possible genotype × location × year × management interaction across a large geographic area. Based on producer data collected from six regions in Nebraska during eight years (2004-2011), Grassini et al.

With genotypes possessing transgenic traits (USDA-ERS, 2005–2011). , 2012). High-yield cropping systems require fossilfuel inputs to substitute human and animal labor and maximize capture and conversion of solar radiation into crop biomass. Fossil-fuel cost associated with agricultural production can be quantified as the sum of greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions derived from manufacturing, packaging, and transportation of applied inputs including fertilizers, manure, pesticides, lime, seed, machinery, and fossil fuel used for field operations, irrigation water pumping, and grain drying.

8). e. slope of regression) decreased and inter-annual yield variation (r2) increased from favorable to less favorable environments for crop production (Nebraska irrigated > Iowa rain-fed > Nebraska rain-fed). 3). 8, left panels). It seems like allocation of the best land to irrigated agriculture, lower applied inputs, later sowing, and lower plant density (in maize) under rain-fed conditions impose a limit to rain-fed crop yields, even in years when growing-season rainfall can support yield above the long-term trend.

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