Dialectic Logic: Essays on Its History and Theory by E.V. Ilyenkov

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By E.V. Ilyenkov

The e-book seeks to set up dialectics not just as a real technological know-how of inspiration, but in addition the materialist technology of the mirrored image of the circulation of the realm within the stream of innovations.

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For example, there is not only a category of identity orienting the intellect to discovering the same invariant determinations in various objects, but also its polar category of difference, pointing to exactly the opposite operation, to the discovery of differences and variants in objects seemingly identical. In addition to the concept of necessity there is the concept of chance, and so on. Each category has another, opposite to it and not unitable with it without breaking the principle of contradiction.

P 190. HISTORY OF DIALECTICS 36 ness, into dogmatic blindness preventing the rational kernel in the theoretical opponent’’s statements from being seen. Criticism of the opponent then becomes a means of perfecting one’’s own theory, and helps stipulate the conditions for the correctness of one’’s own judgments more rigorously and more clearly, and so on and so forth. e. thinking that knew and observed the rules of general and transcendental logic and did not suspect the treacherous pitfalls and traps of dialectics), and also from the natural complement of this dogmatism, scepticism.

Let us merely note that the ensuing criticism of his conception was directed precisely at explaining the reasons for his failure, and at analysing the premises that hindered his idea of reforming logic, of deducing its whole content from an investigation of actual thinking, and in that way of uniting within one and the same system categories that stood in a relation of direct negation of one another (formal contradiction), and that had seemed to Kant to be antinomically uncombinable, and not includable within one non-contradictory system.

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