Diet and Resistance to Disease by Marshall Phillips; Albert Baetz

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By Marshall Phillips; Albert Baetz

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1943) The determination of ascorbic acid in whole blood and urine through the 2,4-dinitrophenylhydrazine derivative of dehydroascorbic acid. J. BioI. Chern. 147:399-407. , and Klebanoff, S. J. (1979) Bactericidal activity of a superoxide anion-generating system. J. Exp. Med. 149: 27-39. Salin, M. , and McCord, J. M. (1975) Free radicals and inflammation. Protection of phagocytosing leukocytes by superoxide dismutase. J. C1in. Invest. 56:1319-1323. Schwerdt, P. , and Schwerdt, C. E. (1975) Effect of ascorbi acid on Rhinovirus replication in WI-38 cells.

There are striking coincidences in effective Se levels between experiments of immunoenhancement and carcinostatic suppression when injected or ingested Se levels are compared. Data presented by Schrauzer (1976) for the reduction of mammary tumors in mice showing a dose-related effect of dietary Se can be superimposed with the dose-related enhancement of PFC and anti-SRBC antibodies in mice. 0 ppm Se respectively. In experiments demonstrating the effect of selenite in retarding the growth of Ehrlich Ascites tumor cells (EATC) in mice patterned after experiments by Spallholz et al.

Selenium has been widely recognized as being needed by as many as 40 animal species throughout the world. It has been through basic research with experimental animals that Se is gaining recognition as affecting and or being required by cells of the reticuloendothelial system (RES). Cells of the RES contribute to host-defense mechanisms; relationships between inflammation, infectious diseases, and neoplasia. The known effects of selenium upon these host-defense mechanisms in animals is the subject of this review.

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