Don't Dump the Dog: Outrageous Stories and Simple Solutions by Randy Grim

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By Randy Grim

Do you must sell off your puppy simply because he attempts to flee your backyard? Barks an excessive amount of? You-know-whats in the home? Doesn’t play good with others? Chewed up your favourite pair of shoes?

You wouldn’t be the 1st individual asking to “return” your puppy. And puppy rescuer Randy Grim has heard each cause below the solar. yet ahead of you load Fido into the again of your vehicle, learn this book.

In it, Randy addresses the troubles of puppy guardians in all places by way of responding to letters that he’s really got. With humor, and from his immense reviews with deserted canines, he finds precisely what you are able to do to stay calm and fasten each undesirable habit challenge. (Even if it capability dumping your husband rather than the dog.)

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Him: (Blank stare tinged with suspicion) Me: And get a receipt. Because so many people complain to me about their “hyper” dogs, I’ve heard just about every excuse imaginable concerning why they don’t walk them. “I just don’t have time,” is probably the number-one whine, but I don’t consider that a good-enough excuse. You have a dog; get off your couch and walk her. I will make some concessions for “bad knees,” “seasonal allergies,” and “miscellaneous,” which can include house arrest, a fatal reaction to bee stings, and living in harsh environments like the Arctic Circle.

Potato told Annie to sit, and she immediately danced in circles, crouched for a split second, then went spinning into circles again. “See? And then there’s the whole issue of demanding attention. We can’t watch TV without her jumping up on the couch, trying to get in our laps and whipping her tail around in our faces. ” He inhaled, exhaled, and shook his head down at Annie, who upon eye contact jumped up and down at his side. Mr. Potato looked at me expectantly. ” I said, pointing toward the white blob on the desk.

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