Dracula 02 - The Holmes-Dracula File (The Dracula Series by Fred Saberhagen

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By Fred Saberhagen

In London on a private subject, Dracula encounters Sherlock Holmes, who's trying to seize a killer and prevent a hoop of legal masterminds who're threatening to unfastened plague-infested rats into the streets. Reissue.

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I had, as I was later to realize, chanced upon one of the first shelters operated by the Salvation Army. The sturdy outer doors were on the verge of closing for the night, but their keeper—a charity case himself, to judge by his apparel—delayed long enough to admit me, along with one additional latecomer. This last, a patch-eyed fellow with a sailor's rolling gait, came hurrying along behind me. The gatekeeper, as he barred the doors behind us, recited in a sort of doggerel the basic rules of the establishment.

It is the front-side bullet-hole, then, that is so well marked with powder burns, showing that the shot was fired at extreme close range. While the hole in back is marked with—nothing. " Holmes' voice had fallen off, as if he now spoke only to himself. Falling into a moment of reverie, he stared off across the river as if the hazed wharves there on the south bank might possess some secret information. Then with a shake of his head he roused himself. "Upon my word, Watson, business is looking up.

There were only a few spots and traces of rust on the bright steel, which could not have been long in the river. "These were made by my company in New York," Peter Moore burst out. " Chapter Seven Stepping on shaky legs from that droll imitation of a coffin, I knew that I had recovered my identity not an hour too soon to save my life. Nowhere but in the hallowed soil of my homeland would I, vampire, be able to find rest.

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