Electronic Properties of Organic Conductors by Takehiko Mori (auth.)

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By Takehiko Mori (auth.)

This publication offers an simply comprehensible advent to strong kingdom physics for chemists and engineers. Band idea is brought as an extension of molecular orbital thought, and its program to natural fabrics is defined. Phenomena past band idea are handled in terms of magnetism and electron correlation, that are defined when it comes to the valence bond conception and the Coulomb and alternate integrals. After the elemental suggestions of magnetism are defined, the relation of correlation and superconductivity is defined with no assuming a data of complicated physics. Molecular layout of natural conductors and semiconductors is mentioned from the viewpoint of oxidation-reduction potentials, and after a short survey of natural superconductors, a number of purposes of natural semiconductor units are defined. This booklet could be helpful not just for researchers but additionally for graduate scholars as a worthy reference.

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