Environmental Ethics: An Interactive Introduction by Andrew Kernohan

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By Andrew Kernohan

This e-book explains the fundamental innovations of environmental ethics and applies them to worldwide environmental difficulties. the writer concisely introduces easy ethical theories, discusses how those theories will be prolonged to think about the non-human international, and examines how environmental ethics interacts with glossy society’s financial method of the surroundings. on-line multiple-choice questions inspire the reader’s lively studying.

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There is a big difference between believing that a different style of dress is morally permissible and believing that, for example, female genital mutilation is morally permissible. Some views about what is ethically permissible are just too ghastly to let pass without contesting them. To avoid contesting such views is to fail to take our own morality seriously and to fail to respect our own moral integrity. We are forced to seek agreement with others regarding the morality of terrible practices.

Because ethical judgments are action-guiding, they cannot be derived solely from factual judgments such as scientific judgments or the judgments of positive economics. Hume’s Guillotine is a dramatic name for the fallacy of deriving an “ought” from an “is” or a value from a fact. An ethical premise, usually an ethical theory, is also required. indd 24 EN V I RON M EN TA L ET HIC S 12-07-23 2:49 PM 9. Ethical relativism, the view that what is right, wrong, or permissible for a person is determined by the accepted ethical norms of the person’s culture, is attractive as an expression of tolerance and the avoidance of ethnocentrism.

Objective versions come in three varieties: a natural purpose-based teleological type, a communitybased common good type, and a dispositional type that appeals to what people would desire if they were fully rational. Ethical egoism is a type of consequentialism that considers only the self to have moral standing. 7. The fourth step in an ethical analysis is to investigate which entities the ethical reasoning assumes to have moral standing. 8. The fifth step is to think critically about the ethical reasoning that is now explicit.

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