Why Quantum Physicists Do Not Fail: Learn the Secrets of by Greg Kuhn

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By Greg Kuhn

Writer Greg Kuhn is a qualified educator and a futurist, focusing on framing new paradigms for twenty first century dwelling. considering that 1993, he has written along with his father, Clifford Kuhn, M.D., approximately healthiness, wellbeing, and productiveness. In Why Quantum Physicists don't Fail, Greg has unveiled all of his so much state of the art examine into the attainment of your objectives and goals via progressive new paradigms from the superb technological know-how of quantum physics. continuously exciting, Greg unearths basic, easy-to-use suggestions which you’ll not just grasp fast, but additionally celebrate utilizing. Greg is usually the writer of the acclaimed booklet, Why Quantum Physicists Don’t Get fats, which teaches you to eventually lose your undesirable weight additionally utilizing new paradigms from quantum physics.

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2. For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This gave rise to the paradigm we call determinism. 3. The observer and the observed are two separate things. This gave rise to the paradigm of separateness. 4. Things occur in a logical, linear fashion. This gave rise to the paradigm of logical outcomes. The machine paradigm creates a fish tank where everything in our world can be broken down into smaller units. These smaller units not only have jobs that make the larger unit function properly, but they also have predictable roles when performing their jobs.

The machine paradigm is exact and stresses a “black or white,” “either/or” vision that does not work best for us. This old paradigm, for example, offers no real role for free will. Any system is thought of as a machine whose parts are powered by internal and external forces beyond your scope or control. For example, even subconscious influences from your childhood are thought to cause effects in your current adult life. Whether you currently believe this is true or not, it is an example of the machine paradigm in action, and it is too limiting.

The machine paradigm says that a complex system can be explained by reducing it to its smallest fundamental parts. Quantum physics shows us, however, that this is not true. Systems, we’ve learned, cannot be defined so simply. In the machine paradigm, systems are fixed; that is, they remain the same in all situations. You don’t need the second scientific revolution to know, intuitively, that this metaphor has too many limitations when applied to our world. Something as basic as your state of being is context dependent.

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