Cactus And Succulent Plants: Status Survey And Conservation by IUCN/SSC Cactus and Succulent Specialist Group, Sara

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By IUCN/SSC Cactus and Succulent Specialist Group, Sara Oldfield

Found in quite a few types, cacti and different succulents have elicited common curiosity and great attractiveness around the globe. even though the topic of a certain quantity of discussion, approximately 10,000 species are famous as belonging to the succulent crew. of those, an expected 2,000 are threatened with worldwide extinction within the wild and lots of extra are locally or nationally threatened often because of habitat destruction and assortment for foreign trade.This motion Plan brings jointly from worldwide present details on inhabitants prestige, threats and conservation of this really very important crew of crops. ready with conservationists, scientists, governments, secure quarter managers and grant-awarding our bodies in brain, it indicates priorities for motion and encourages collaboration between events in any respect degrees.

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Following these reports, a checklist of species names and their synonyms in current usage has been compiled for the family on a consultative basis. This includes distribution data at country level and country by country species lists with details of endemism (Hunt 1992). This checklist, prepared at the behest of the CITES Secretariat, distinguishes between species fully accepted as such according to certain primary sources (botanical monographs, floristic treatments, and in the opinions of authors of a few unpublished taxonomic revisions) and those only provisionally accepted, which include taxa whose status awaits expert botanical study and also those treated as subspecies or geographical varieties in the primary sources consulted.

Since 1981, the Lacey Act has prohibited interstate trade or export of wild native plants collected or possessed in contravention of the State or, in the case of Indian lands, the wild. Unfortunately, protective legislation for succulent plants is not enforced in Zimbabwe due to lack of personnel and the absence of any active and full-time inspectorate. No reserves have yet been created specifically to protect representative communities of succulent plants which are specially protected by law. A recommendation to create a network of succulent reserves under the Parks and Wildlife Act, 1975, is given in Chapter 4 of this Plan, the Action Proposals.

1. (incl. ), Frailea, and Gymnocalyciunz, each with numerous named species and in need of taxonomic revision. Habitats of various of these smaller cacti are shrinking due to agricultural development and field studies are required to determine their conservation and taxonomic status. There is also a high number of epiphytic species from tribe Rhipsalideae, whose habitat is shrinking through deforestation, as in eastern Brazil. Smaller, but nevertheless important, centres of savanna in Haiti. Threats endemism include the Caribbean region with northern South America (north Venezuela, north and west Colombia and Panama), where the most notable genera with endemic species are Melocactus with 9 and Cereus with 5, and central to north-western Chile (especially the western edges of the Atacama Desert), where an isolated flora has developed.

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