Elements of Soil Mechanics, 7th Edition by G. N. Smith G.N. Smith

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By G. N. Smith G.N. Smith

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In this case, the presented-previously Rosette Mountings are used. Note that the deformation measurements can also be made using other methods, though they are very rarely employed: – these include strain gauges made of semiconductor materials (silicon crystals) whose resistivity changes with deformation. ). Some of these are discussed in detail in Chapter 3. – Gauges are sensitive to strain and temperature. Size and position of a gauge must always be considered with respect to the set objective.

Sometimes, the linear elastic model is set to default; the material may be elastic and nonlinear. In this case, the law of behavior is described by a higher number of parameters. In most cases, elasticity is a convenient approximation of a material behavior. However, we must remember that more often, even for metals or Mechanical Tests 3 glasses, the materials are viscoelastic, which results in a deferred deformation over time, which can be illustrated during a relaxation or creep test. The first step is to observe the variation of force over time to a fixed deformation level, and the second is to observe the variation of deformation for fixed force.

Hence, σ = . On the other hand, if the deformation is small S F compared to other dimensions, we can approximate σ = . Similarly, if the S0 deformation is low if compared with the other dimensions over a length Δ L, ΔL then ε11 = . However, at the beginning of loading, it is common that L0 parasitic phenomena such as slack recovery may occur. This results in a nonlinear area in the stress-strain curve at the beginning of loading. This area, which is commonly called “toe of the curve” is not representative of the material and must therefore be rejected.

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